Right well this is new! And so are we – Not us personally, we’re getting on a bit, but the Theatre Company

12 Miles North is a theatre company set up by three friends Theresa Goddard, Liz Simmons And Emma Boyle who met while studying at drama school.

Our aim is to make you laugh, then cry and then laugh again within the space of about an hour, (It’ll be a nice cry, not a ‘I hate my life cry’).

Take a look round the site to see what we’ve been up to and our latest projects.


CONTACT US AT 12milesnorththeatre@gmail.com

1 thought on “Hello!

  1. Hey guys, caught you at the pitching event in Huddersfield a couple of months ago. Would love to work with you guys on a television project I have about artist exposure. Please drop me an email and I can tell you a little more!


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