‘Tek a pew, av a brew’

As 12MilesNorth we took to the streets of Barnsley today collecting stories and tales from those that live here.

With the help of our lovely friends The Barnsley Council Town Ambassadors we descended upon Barnsley town centre this morning armed with tea, coffee and delicious home made (yeah right) cakes and biscuits.

We weren’t entirely sure what to expect, or indeed if anyone would like to join us in our little outdoor living room but we we’re pleasantly surprised…

It wasn’t long before the first story tellers were settled on the sofa, tea in hand ready to answer any questions coming their way.

We focused our chat on what people valued, what they felt was important and their experiences of living in Barnsley.

We managed to interact with a cross section of the community from grandmothers out shopping to young kids enjoying the school holidays in the sun.

Common themes and responses were peoples attachment to family and how the community was an extension of this.  Both young and old felt passionate about their relationships and valued this above all material possessions (they really we’re a lovely bunch).

We were totally overwhelmed by the response.  We managed to meet some fantastic folk and heard some wonderfully inspiring tales.

We’re all very much looking forward to tomorrows workshop at Barnsley Civic with 6-9 year old’s where we’ll be creating some super hero characters!

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