Super Heroes and Grandmas

Today we did a workshop for 6-9yr olds. We were proper chuffed when 5 kids turned up and one Grandma. We hadn’t a clue how many would come, if any! If no-one came we would have had to do it with my little one Eric who’s 18 months and he would have been rubbish – he’s very good at spinning around but we can already do that so we are very very grateful to the 5 that showed up and got stuck in.
The kids were all local from different backgrounds, the oldest being nine and the youngest six. We began with a warm up game of Grandmas footsteps – we didn’t use the actual Grandma who came, we let her put her feet up and observe. We then talked about their favourite super heroes and got them to think up a super hero name and power then used our ‘prop table’ to make a super hero outfit.
One of the props wasn’t a flat screen TV but there were puppets made by Liz’s fair hands…
Everyone loves a puppet. These became a side-kick to the kids super heroes as every super hero needs a side-kick. Then, with our outfits on and side-kicks by our sides (obviously) we created a story where good overcame evil and our Grandmas saved the day.
And as all good things should, we ended the session with chocolate biscuits and orange squash.
So, why are u doing this you may ask, in your head, while you’re reading this. Well. Our first project is going to be a modern re-telling of The Little Match Girl using super heroes and grandmas – hence why we did the workshop. See, there’s always a reason. We were successful in our application for Arts Council funding for this project so this workshop and our sofa in Barnsley yesterday are all part of the research and development towards this.
We are also in the middle of our first week of the Civic Artistic Residency Programme (CARP – the Civic and so far we’re enjoying every minute and they couldn’t have made us feel more welcome and at home.
Here’s to the next week – after this ones finished of course!
Na then see thee x

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