One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure

We’ve reached the end of our first week at Barnsley Civic and the end of our first week ever of being 12MilesNorth Theatre Company. The Civics Artists Residency Programme has been invaluable to us, mainly because it has pushed us into saying out loud, all over Facebook and to the Arts Council England, here we are, we’re going to be making some plays from now on. Good ones. And once you’ve said that…you have to do it!

The Civic have been very welcoming and supportive. They’ve given us spaces, big massive rooms that we can run around in and a speaker that we can play George Ezra Budapest on really loud (he’s definitely saying ‘For you I do bi do’!!) A fob, that feels like a backstage pass so we can go through doors that normal people can’t and make coffee in the kitchen AND sneak into the Assembly Room performance space and run around in the dark (because we couldn’t find a light switch). They’ve introduced us to Rachel and Matt from Small Items who are also part of CARP, so we can pop into their room for a dance and a bit of Karaoke. They’ve also given us quite a bit of advice about being a theatre company.
So we’ve had a brilliant week, and as well as all that we’ve been working out how to make this play.
After the workshops we wanted to jump straight into our story. The story is quite sad, if you don’t know it, she’s freezing cold and trying to sell matches, no one is buying she lights some matches to stay warm and then she dies! So Theresa took out a big piece of paper and wrote ‘JOYFUL’ in the middle of it….and that’s where we started.
We’ve made some decisions that we love. She lives on a den, a scrap heap full of other peoples rubbish. She see’s beauty in things other people discard and ignore. She is full of hope. She survives on hope. And she’s on a mission to get to the 35th UK Annual Ballroom Dancing Championship at Blackpool Tower Ballroom before midnight.
Let’s see if we can get her there……
P.S It rained so much on the last day that the bus station got flooded…..but Emma found a rainbow.

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