Week 2 begins…

So we’re in our second week of The Civic’s Artists Residency Programme at Barnsely Civic. As a new company we’ve been using this time to not only work out who we are, but what kind of theatre we want to make.Part of our ethos as a company is to work with other practitioners and professionals to enhance the work we create. Today we we’re joined by native Barnsley types Michael justice – actor and Kieran Harris – writer and musician. Michael and Kieran worked with us in writing some music and lyrics for our show. 

We came up with two songs, an opening and an introduction to ‘Cookie’ (a wondrous creature with a passion for all things fabulous) These songs don’t have titles or even a complete set of lyrics, but we’ve all come away excited and inspired to continue on our musical journey.
We really couldn’t have done it without Kieran and Micheal. We’re all keen singers but our ability to write music is limited to Lizzy banging a drum and Theresa’s rendition of ‘Ave Maria‘ on the recorder! So after today’s antics Andrew Lloyd Webber better watch out!!

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