Play, Pie, Pint read through – we love pies

Last Saturday Ian Morley at the Barnsley Civic Theatre hosted the first ever read through in front of an audience of our new play Twelve Miles North of Sheffield. With the help of brilliant actors Ray Castleton and Brett Lee Roberts we had the audience listening, laughing and a couple of hysterical tears. Apparently it was the mention of ‘pork pies flooding out’ that sent them over the edge. It was part of the Paines Plough Roundabout festival that came to the Civic so we got to play on the beautiful pop-up roundabout stage.

Thank you to all who came to this event and for the Civic for hosting it. Now that the play has been read aloud and received good feedback we can start to take some steps into the unknown in trying to get our first play up on it’s feet and fully tech-ed up.
So we’re in the process of making plans. We’ve got an idea of how we want to present it and where we want to take it. We’ve got a gut feeling that people will like it….
It’s a tough thing beginning to make your own work. Having absolute faith in it at all stages seems to be key. But we’re also finding there’s lots of supportive people out there full of advice and encouragement. So watch this space, we’re working on coming to a town near you soon!