We need your shop

Shop owners of Wombwell, Goldthorpe, Penistone and beyond 12MilesNorth needs your shop!!! We want to perform our play in it. Yep, that’s right in your shop. Not while your working in it of course, that wouldn’t work, but in the evening for one night only.

The play is about a fight to save a shop while the owner is missing, and thought it’d be ideal to perform in shops on the high street. We already have to go ahead to perform in the old HMV shop in Barnsley town centre but we want to take it on a mini high street tour of South Yorkshire but need your shops to perform it in.

We realise this may sound like a strange and risky request but we think it would create an exciting event happening in the community and would bring theatre directly to people who wouldn’t normally be able to go. We would be doing a performance on one day on the week of 15th-19th of June.

We are being supported by Barnsley Council and The Civic Theatre Barnsley and are currently applying for Arts Council Funding. We would have a budget to work with in order to be able to offer you a fee.

We would not interfere with your working day and can promise to ensure the safety and security of all your stock, equipment and store. We would have all of your stock out of sight and reach and would have our two security people on site as well as cast and crew. It is only a small production with a cast of four and will work well in a small space. We would allow only for a small audience and create an intimate performance.

We feel it would be a great opportunity for both you and us to reach to the community. We would also feature you in all of our advertising on press, radio, leaflets and programmes. The performance will be ticketed at a cost of £5 and £3 concessions.

We will make a memorable experience for the community that it would place no risk on yourselves.

If you’ve read this and thought “Thats sounds great! Where’s the phone!” Then go on, give us a ring or if you’ve gone “Ummm, maybe” then go on, give us a ring and we’ll talk you round.
We’ll make sure it’s great.

Awaiting the phone calls,

Theresa and Liz and Emma x

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