Twelve Miles North of Sheffield is happening!

Yes it is. We have secured funding from the Arts Council with the help of Barnsley Council and the Civic and now are knee deep in admin, confirming and sorting out everything we need to sort out to get this play ready to show you all in June.

There’s loads of things that people don’t tell you about when you decide to set up your own theatre company, things like making a logo look good is very hard to do without professional help and an apple mac and how people will be so much more helpful and supportive than you would have ever imagined.

We are proper chuffed – everyone’s always “sooo excited” these days so I’m sticking with chuffed which is what we are, proper proper chuffed and nervous and … alright then excited!! We’re soooooo excited to be able to show you our little play and hopefully you’ll like it as much as we do.

Now to finish off trying to make a flyer on Microsoft paint – who’s got a spare apple mac?!

Dates and times and venue information to follow!

Na then si thee,

Theresa, Liz and Emma

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