Opening night!!!

Well, its finally here! Tonight we get to show you Twelve Miles North of Sheffield, our debut work and hopefully the start of much more that you can come and support.

When we first decided to start making our own work we never imagined how enjoyable it would be. We have learnt so much about an industry we thought we already knew about. Its been hard at times but what its showed us is that if you really want to do something you’ll find a way, whatever obstacle is blocking your path. Learn to love challenges and do what you think will never work or feels too hard to do because you’ll feel invincible when you finally manage to work it out and do it.

This is turning into one of those annoying ‘deep quote over a lovely background picture’ things people share on facebook so I’ll stop now but please if you want to see some new writing that’ll make you laugh and maybe cry a little joyfully sad tear in the space of about an hour come and see our play.

Thanks to Tom, Ray and James for doing good acting, we just need an audience now so come and see it, dates and ticket info below…


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