We did it…

It’s been just over two weeks now since we finished the play and it has took me this long to sit down and write this, mainly due to a lovely holiday but you don’t want to know about that – you want to know how it all went.

Well, it went well, really well, more well(er) than we ever expected.

And we want to say thank you.

Thank you to everyone that came along and paid what they could. Thank you to the babies and toddlers that watched in Goldthorpe, blissfully unaware of what we were on about but so transfixed by the lights and the quietness that they fell asleep – it was definitely nothing to do with the play or our acting as I got them to fill out a feedback form after, on which they drew a big smiley face and I’m translating that as “Great evening, great acting and great story. 10/10”

Thank you to Jeff in Wombwell for the magic trick he performed at the end of the performance with his over sized cards (as he cant see so well nowadays) I think we’ll take him on tour with us and have him as the warm up act, along with the man that handed round his chocolate to everyone. These two are very good people to have as an audience member during a lull in the performance.

Thank you to Donna Turner for bringing her students down to watch in Barnsley, I hope they got some good answers from the Q & A, sometimes we ramble on but I think the point we wanted to make sure we got across was, if you want to do it – act, write, put on a play etc then you’ll find a way, there is no set route. Determination, self belief and a cheeky grin go a long way.

Thank you to Adam at Cafe Creme in Penistone for letting us take-over nearly every inch of your lovely cafe! At one point we didn’t think it would be possible to do the play in such a small space but we are Yorkshire lasses and we make do with what we have and get on with it, so we did, and it worked, proper good. Look we took a photo as evidence…


There were more than four people watching (18 sitting and 2 people stood up squeezed at the back to be precise) and it was funny – this was one of the little serious bits hence our pained acting faces. Penistone was the one we were worried about no one turning up to but they did and everyone said how much they’d enjoyed it.

Finally I want to say thank you to Tom, Ray and James, our actors, for saying your lines and doing good acting. You brought out everything we wanted from the characters and made them real.

From the very beginning of thinking of the idea for the play we knew we wanted to perform it in alternative venues, we wanted to take theatre, good theatre, real stories and truthful acting to the people that had inspired the story, to the high streets where they lived and to show them that theatre doesn’t have to be in a theatre, it doesn’t have to have set rules, there doesn’t have to be a set way to behave and it doesn’t have to be expensive. And looking back I think and hope we achieved that.

Now here are some pictures of us doing acting…Thanks again everyone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx










PS: don’t be fooled by the photos, it really was funny!

Until next time,

Theresa, Liz and Emma x

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