Come see our show…

It’ll make you laugh and cry, but a happy cry, not a I hate my life cry!



When Donna discover that her Dad has gone missing she tries to keep his struggling shop together as long as possible before any one finds out. But with no clues to his whereabouts, it’s not long before she enlists the help of the town. With Louise, her easily distracted co-worker, clumsy ‘Romeo’ Jamie the fruit and veg delivery boy and Derek a pensioner with a motor mouth and temperamental mobility scooter, Donna goes on the search for her missing Dad ‘Top Man’ Terry.

Written after seeing so many shops closing down or empty on the high street and wondering about the people who owned them and the stories behind why it was happening. Twelve Miles North of Sheffield is a funny and touching play about family, friendship and trying your best.


8th-10th 7.30pm, June Theatre Delicatessen, The Moor, Sheffield

15th-16th June 6.30pm & 8.30 pm, Cafe Odessa, Exchange Street, Bolton

29th June 7.45pm, CAST, Waterdale, Doncaster


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