Come see our show…

It’ll make you laugh and cry, but a happy cry, not a I hate my life cry!



When Donna discover that her Dad has gone missing she tries to keep his struggling shop together as long as possible before any one finds out. But with no clues to his whereabouts, it’s not long before she enlists the help of the town. With Louise, her easily distracted co-worker, clumsy ‘Romeo’ Jamie the fruit and veg delivery boy and Derek a pensioner with a motor mouth and temperamental mobility scooter, Donna goes on the search for her missing Dad ‘Top Man’ Terry.

Written after seeing so many shops closing down or empty on the high street and wondering about the people who owned them and the stories behind why it was happening. Twelve Miles North of Sheffield is a funny and touching play about family, friendship and trying your best.


8th-10th 7.30pm, June Theatre Delicatessen, The Moor, Sheffield

15th-16th June 6.30pm & 8.30 pm, Cafe Odessa, Exchange Street, Bolton

29th June 7.45pm, CAST, Waterdale, Doncaster


Opening night!!!

Well, its finally here! Tonight we get to show you Twelve Miles North of Sheffield, our debut work and hopefully the start of much more that you can come and support.

When we first decided to start making our own work we never imagined how enjoyable it would be. We have learnt so much about an industry we thought we already knew about. Its been hard at times but what its showed us is that if you really want to do something you’ll find a way, whatever obstacle is blocking your path. Learn to love challenges and do what you think will never work or feels too hard to do because you’ll feel invincible when you finally manage to work it out and do it.

This is turning into one of those annoying ‘deep quote over a lovely background picture’ things people share on facebook so I’ll stop now but please if you want to see some new writing that’ll make you laugh and maybe cry a little joyfully sad tear in the space of about an hour come and see our play.

Thanks to Tom, Ray and James for doing good acting, we just need an audience now so come and see it, dates and ticket info below…


Updates and dates – not the food…

So we are well and truly on our way to making a play! We’ve nearly sorted a set, the lighting design is coming on, we have our actors and we are ready to start rehearsals next week.

Next week?

Ey, that’s come around fast, before you know it it will be all over and people will be saying “Oh remember that really good play we went to see” “Ah yes Roy, weren’t it magical” or “Oh no, I never got round to getting tickets for that really interesting play” Well don’t panic! Below are details of dates and times of all our shows.

Please come and see it, we promise to make you laugh.

And if you come to Goldthorpe* there’s gonna be a raffle! What more do you need for a good night out!?

*All money we raise on ticket sales and the raffle on this night will go to the Goldthorpe Development Group to help them keep up all the great community work they do there.


Tues 9th June – Union Jack Memorial Club (Comrades), Goldthorpe, 7pm

Weds 10th June – Lockys Bar, Wombwell, 2pm

Thursday 11-13th June – Better Barnsley (Formerly HMV), Barnsley, 7pm                     Matinee Thursday 11th, 2pm

Sunday 14th June – Cafe Creme, Penistone, 4pm

Tickets available from and from all venues.

All tickets are pay what you can.


We’re Casting…

We need a man, a man to play Jamie.

Here’s all the details you need so please get in touch if you think you fit the part.

Jamie     Male, 20-25   
A core character within the play he is young and vibrant with a cheeky charm. Jamie works as a fruit and veg delivery boy and throughout the play is plucking up the courage to tell Louise, the girl working in the local shop, how he really feels about her. 
We are looking for an actor with a Yorkshire base and accent. The play is set in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.
Rehearsals are 25th May-5th June Performances 8th-14th of June in Barnsley.
Fee is £410.00 per week all inc.
Casting will take place in Barnsley in the week commencing 4th May.
The play is being produced by 12MilesNorth Theatre Company in association with The Civic Theatre Barnsley. 

We need your shop

Shop owners of Wombwell, Goldthorpe, Penistone and beyond 12MilesNorth needs your shop!!! We want to perform our play in it. Yep, that’s right in your shop. Not while your working in it of course, that wouldn’t work, but in the evening for one night only.

The play is about a fight to save a shop while the owner is missing, and thought it’d be ideal to perform in shops on the high street. We already have to go ahead to perform in the old HMV shop in Barnsley town centre but we want to take it on a mini high street tour of South Yorkshire but need your shops to perform it in.

We realise this may sound like a strange and risky request but we think it would create an exciting event happening in the community and would bring theatre directly to people who wouldn’t normally be able to go. We would be doing a performance on one day on the week of 15th-19th of June.

We are being supported by Barnsley Council and The Civic Theatre Barnsley and are currently applying for Arts Council Funding. We would have a budget to work with in order to be able to offer you a fee.

We would not interfere with your working day and can promise to ensure the safety and security of all your stock, equipment and store. We would have all of your stock out of sight and reach and would have our two security people on site as well as cast and crew. It is only a small production with a cast of four and will work well in a small space. We would allow only for a small audience and create an intimate performance.

We feel it would be a great opportunity for both you and us to reach to the community. We would also feature you in all of our advertising on press, radio, leaflets and programmes. The performance will be ticketed at a cost of £5 and £3 concessions.

We will make a memorable experience for the community that it would place no risk on yourselves.

If you’ve read this and thought “Thats sounds great! Where’s the phone!” Then go on, give us a ring or if you’ve gone “Ummm, maybe” then go on, give us a ring and we’ll talk you round.
We’ll make sure it’s great.

Awaiting the phone calls,

Theresa and Liz and Emma x

Moving Forward

So as we’re nearing the end of our residency. We’ve been reflecting on our experiences. On Wednesday this week we presented some of the ideas and research we’ve collated on our short journey so far.

With the help of our musician friends Michael and Kieran we we’re able to showcase some of the music we’ve been creating as well as a short script/story outline. This was to a small audience including Ian Morley (Theatre Programmer Barnsley Civic).

We’ve learnt many lessons over this past two weeks, the main one being the fear of going into the unknown isn’t nearly as daunting as the fear of not putting ourselves out there at all.  Much like the people we met in Barnsley who contributed to our research, we have also been asking ourselves what we value, what is our biggest fears and what is important to us as a company. We value the opportunity to work as a company with others that share our vision to create exciting, beautiful theatre that brings to life the stories that we have collected and those we hold dear. We are still in the first flush of our relationship as a company. Still in the flirting stages. Still wanting to show the best of ourselves.  We are looking forward to moving forward, making mistakes, daring to think big and push ourselves as performers and theatre makers out of our comfort zone. Much like our little match girl we are are sitting in our play den of ideas sometimes seemingly surrounded by rubbish but having the will to dig deep into our pile to discover the potential treasure that lies underneath.

We want to meet others who inspire us, to learn, to see what’s possible if we put ourselves out there. Moving forward we’ll be using the next few months to evaluate what we’ve learnt in preparation for finding our identity as a company.  This will provide the foundations of some really great theatre that we’re truly proud of and excited by.

These experiences wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Arts Council England who provided us with a Research and Development grant. The Civic Barnsley, especially Ian Morley who has been a huge support and fountain of knowledge.  Ian and The Civic have enabled us to start our journey in a safe environment.  Our time here has given us the confidence as a new company to really think it could be possible to make something wonderful.  We hope that this is the start of a long and happy relationship with the Civic.

Lastly we’d like to thank the generous people of Barnsley who shared their stories with us.

We’d love to hear from you if you want to share your stories with us, or if you’re a theatre maker, performer, designer or musician who is interested in collaborating with us.

Emma, Theresa & Liz