Liz Simmons

Liz Simmons is an actor and writer. She has recently worked with companies such as Common Wealth Theatre, Encounter Productions and Freedom Studios.  She has also written 12MilesNorth’s first play Twelve Miles North of Sheffield.

3 thoughts on “Liz Simmons

  1. Hey guys, caught you at the pitching event in Huddersfield a couple of months ago. Would love to work with you guys on a television project I have about artist exposure. Please drop me an email and I can tell you a little more!


  2. Hi I saw the play last Thu night at Theatre Deli in SHF. i posted this on fb Fri morning. I look fwd to yr next one

    Are you local? Went to see this last night.
    Cracking play. The script was a good authentic representation of ordinary lives, the stories were realistic, topical and well interwoven, the acting was earnest and believable, the set was minimal and clever and the sound effects were used well to set some scenes. On tonight and tmrw and its great VFM £7/£5!


    • Thanks so much for this comment Mick, apologies for the late reply. Its so nice to hear lovely feedback. We are local, from Barnsley and yes, we will be doing a next one. Please follow us on facebook and or twitter for updates. Thanks again for coming!! x


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